Our Strory

The hustle and bustle of modern living means that most people are facing constant external pollution that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Pollutants such as dust, smoke exhaust, and cigarette smoke all cause our bodies to deteriorate. Although the body is capable of healing itself naturally, it still requires various supporting components which strengthen our health. These include medication to help restore and revitalize the body, and nutritional supplements that boosts immunity and prevents wear and tear. All this is especially true when we talk about skin care.

Driven by a passion for cosmetics and extensive experience in a variety of skincare brands, the founder of Miss Mellow has excelled in the study and innovation of extracts, including lab research with credible institutions and over 1 year of testing for safety and viability. This has resulted in a quality product that offers all-round effectiveness when it comes to skincare.

Miss Mellow strives to provide skin care products that protect and strengthen your skin from external pollutants, all while targeting the right treatment areas. All Miss Mellow products are proven to have a gentle effect, making it suitable for all skin types including people who are susceptible to skin allergies. We believe that nature is the beginning of lasting beauty. Therefore, only the best and most beneficial natural extracts for skincare are used in our products. Importantly, all Miss Mellow products are free from chemicals and other irritants such as alcohol, synthetic colours, perfume, silicone, paraben, and mineral oils.  


Brand Origin

It all started with a chat in a group of Thai students studying abroad. They discussed common skincare problems such as oily skin, pimples, dark spots, allergies, rashes when faced with new environments and bad weather, uneven skin tone, as well as Seborrheic Dermatitis or Seb Derm conditions which cause chronic flaking, dryness, and itchiness. They realized that everyone in their group was using high-end, branded, premium-priced skincare products to tackle these issues.

This conversation served as the initial inspiration to create skin care products suitable for all skin types and skin allergies. All products would source only the very best ingredients, be immediately effective, and be available at an affordable price.

Motivated to create quality skincare products for loved ones, Miss Mellow pays meticulous attention to every step of the production process. This is especially important during the sourcing and selection stage. All ingredients and extracts in Miss Mellow are completely safe and have been certified by leading institutions. It is made of wholesome goodness with a mixture of natural extracts that are proven beneficial to your skin. All of which are designed to rejuvenate, revitalize, and provide a strong foundation for lasting beauty.

The name “Miss Mellow” was created to reflect the 6 core principles of the brand, namely:

M-Mild Rejuvenation & Revitalization

All Miss Mellow products are mild and ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies. All our products are free of any harmful or irritable substances such as alcohol, synthetic colour, perfume, silicone, paraben and mineral oil. All ingredients have been clinically tested and are safe for all skin types.


E-Elite Beauty Ingredients  

Miss Mellow is made of only the finest natural ingredients such as fermented rose, yerba mate tea, licorice, mulberry, and anise flowers all for strong and perfect skin as well and all your skincare needs.


L-Learn to Care for Skin

Miss Mellow is the result of learning from personal skincare experiences. It involved meticulous studies, research, and countless testing to create the ideal skincare products. It is our promise to never stop learning and creating quality skincare products for the future.


L-Lifestyle for Health & Beauty

Miss Mellow has been designed to fit any lifestyle. It is ideal for urban life where city folk face daily pollutants such as dust and smoke exhaust, to lifestyles constantly spent under the sun, and even workers who do not get adequate rest which lead to tired-looking and deteriorated skin.           


O-Ordinary but Extraordinary

Miss Mellow represents beauty that is ordinary, yet at the same time extraordinary. This is because we pay careful attention to our entire production process, from cultivating ingredients and perfecting mixing ratios, through to clinical trials that does not involve animals and designing packaging truly reflects our brand image. All is aimed at making an impression and inspiring our wonderful customers.


W-Worth it to Shine

Miss Mellow aims to create skincare products which are accessible to all consumer groups. It is our dedication that our customers will receive the maximum benefits from each of our products and that they feel every purchase with us is money well spent.

14 March 2020

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