Blemish Absolute Clear Serum

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04 July 2020

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BLEMISH ABSOLUTE CLEAR SERUM helps to kill acne-causing bacteria, resulting in reducing acne blemishes and preventing future breakouts. It effectively unclogs pores, minimizes enlarged pores, soothes and calms skin, and reduces dark spots from acne, to reveal a brighter and clearer skin with every use.

This product contains safe and natural extracts. It is free of irritants such as alcohol, synthetic fragrances or colors, silicones, parabens, and mineral oils, making it ideal for all skin types, including for people who may have skin allergies. The texture is soft, allowing the serum to be easily absorbed into the skin without causing stickiness or irritation. 


Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is obtained from the tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia, which is an indigenous plant found in Australia. It contains Terpinen-4-OL which helps to reduce an accumulation of acne-causing bacteria that can contribute to acne blemishes.

Red Onion Extract
Red Onion Extract is rich in a flavonoid antioxidant, called Quercetin, which contains properties that reduce the appearance of dark spots, and eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

Green Tea Extract
Green Tea Extract is a rich source of Polyphenols, Catechins, which are powerful antioxidants.  It is known to exhibit effects that help minimize the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. It also especially effective in lightening acne marks and dark spots.

Witch Hazel Water
Witch Hazel Water is high in tannis, which contain potent antioxidant compounds that help to soothe and calm skin, shrink and minimize pores, prevent a buildup of acne-causing bacteria, revealing smoother and brighter skin.

Salicylic Acid
Salicylic Acid is a substance that belongs to the BHA group. Its properties help exfoliate, dissolve impurities clogged beneath your skin, tighten pores, and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and dark spots to reveal a brighter-looking skin.



Apply the serum over entire face or any specific area daily; morning and night. The serum can be used with other Miss Mellow serum formulas.


Q1: Do I get dry or peeling skin after using this serum??
A1: Absolutely not. Our serum is highly recommended for sensitive skin. It can effectively treat acnes and control oils without causing excess dryness while leaving skin feeling calm and soothed. However, it can dry up the pimple and acne area to get rid of them as fast and as safety as possible. By the way, if you are allergic to active ingredients such as tea tree oil, witch hazel or salicylic acid, you should not use a product without discussing with us.

Q2: How soon will I see results from this serum?
A2: The test results show that this product takes approximately 4-5 weeks to significantly reduce mild to moderate acnes, whiteheads and inflammatory acnes. However, results will vary. Typically, results will depend upon your skin condition and skin type

Q3: Can I use this serum and Vitamin C serum together if I have both pimples and hyperpigmentation from acnes?
A3: Definitely! You can. Our serums have been clinically proven to be very mild, thus to optimize results, you can use them together by layer them or mix them together in the palm of your hand and apply them all at the same time. 

Q4: Is it normal to feel hot on the skin after applying the serum?
A4: When applying the acne serum, it may feel hot in the affected area for 2-3 seconds, which is normal when using products that contain tea tree oil. However, the amount of tea tree oil used in our product has been tested to be safe for skin, even sensitive skin.